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Dust Monitor

Microdust Pro

Graphically real-time measurement of wide range density with one unit.
■ Risk assessments for dusts and aerosols.
■ Monitoring dust levels within the workplace.
■ Industrial process monitoring.
■ Testing air filtration efficiency.
■ Environmental dust assessments.
■ Boundary monitoring for construction and demolition.


  • Wide range 0.001mg/m3〜250g/m3 - A wide range of measurement is possible with one unit.
  • Auto-ranging - It corresponds to a wide range of density measurement by auto range switching.
  • On-Site Calibration - On-site calibration function is installed and calibration is possible on site by using a dedicated filter.
  • Data Management Software - Usability is improved by dedicated software included.
  • Real-time graphical display of dust levels
  • Simple icon driven user interface
  • Extensive range: 0.001mg/m3 to 250g/m3 (Auto-ranging)
  • Unique removable sampling probe
  • Rugged design for harsh environments
  • Multi-language operation
  • Sampling for total, respirable, PM2.5 or PM10 with optional adaptor
  • Unique on-site calibration insert
  • Environmental enclosure available for boundary monitoring applications


Code 03-0010
ModelMicrodust Pro CEL-712/K1
Measurement range0.001mg/m3〜250,000mg/m3
Zero stability< 2μg/ms
Resolution0.001 mg/ms
Battery3 × AA
Battery run timeApprox. 13 hours
SizeMain body:172 x 72 x 33 mm
Probe:35 x 205 mm
Weight600g (with battery)
Power12 VDC
Tripod mount1/4” Whitworth
Operating temp0〜55℃
Memory86,000 data points (500 measurement runs)
Analogue output0〜2.5 V DC FSD
Alarm outputSwitched open drain <15V & 500mA DC

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