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Geiger Counter


Radiation is detected just by pressing and holding the power button.
Geiger Counter DX-2 instantly indicates levels of beta, gamma, and X-ray radiation with an analog meter and by audible clicks. This easy-to use monitor detects radioactive surface contamination and measures spacial radiation dose rate. It is ideal for radioactive plant security, environmental and industrial contamination inspection, general factory safety, and science education equipment.


  • Wide range - 0〜1,000 μSv/Hr
  • Easy operation - Just press the power button to start the monitoring.
  • Low power consumption - Operates and measures only when the power button is pressed.
  • Audible Clicks - In addition to the analog meter, DX-2 indicates the radiation level with its audible clicks.


Code 05-0010
IndicatorsRed LED "ON" indicator with Audio speaker for count rate(clicks) as radiation is detected.
DetectorHalogen-quenched Geiger-Muller detctor tube(gold standard)with 3mm glass wall(density is 28 mg/cm2)
DisplayDual scale logarithmic, analog meter
Range0〜100 mR/Hr (0〜1,000μSv/Hr)
Detect raysX-ray, γ-ray, β-ray
Factory calibrationTraceable to NIST-Certified Cesium 137 gamma source
Isotopes detectedTypical energies > 20Kev to above 1mv
PowerOne, 9-Volt battery
Battery lifeUp to 50hrs.(button down)
Operating temperature-10〜40℃
Size168 x 84 x 25 mm
Weight216g(7.6oz) with battery

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